And so it begins…

Though I began my graduate school journey last January, it has taken me some time to start the blog I intended to keep throughout my graduate school career and possibly beyond. This blog will chronicle my journey through the Masters process, and if I continue to a doctoral degree, it will chronicle that journey as well. Here I will discuss the life of a grad student, finances, my studies, and any number of other topics related to graduate school. This semester, this blog will include a research journal for my Digital Collections class. In the future, other class projects may make their appearance here.

For now, an introduction. I am a thirty-something graduate student working towards a Masters in Library and Information Science. I am still considering the option of pursuing a Doctorate when my Masters is completed, and some of my blog posts will certainly include the decision-making process as make the decision to continue my education. I hope that this blog will help me to better understand my profession, as we continue to move further into the digital age, and that it will also me to keep my family and friends up-to-date with my current goings on.

For now it’s late, and I have two classes this afternoon, so I’ll be signing off. My goal is to write at least once per week, possibly more often particularly as I find my footing here.


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