Jupiter at opposition

For all of my friends interested in amateur astronomy, or even if you aren’t, I encourage you to find a way to get a good look at Jupiter tonight. You’ll get a better view through a telescope, although binoculars should work. Why? Tonight, Jupiter is at opposition, meaning that the Earth is directly between the Sun and Jupiter, giving us a great view. It is also the closest it will be to Earth for another 40 plus years. So grab that dusty old telescope, head out to a dark part of your yard and take a look! If you have cloudy skies try Slooh. Keep in mind that if Slooh is metering at the time you try to log on you will have to join and pay the monthly fee, though at less than $10 for unlimited photos it’s not a bad deal. Clear skies and view it for me! (I’ll be working.)


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