Pink Jupiter

Pink Jupiter

Originally uploaded by andi330

It’s time for a few more of my astrophotos taken via Slooh. I thought I would share an interesting photo I took of Jupiter on 9/13/10. As I wrote of briefly last week, this has been an excellent time to view Jupiter. In the past few weeks Jupiter has been as close to Earth as it has come in the last several decades, and it won’t be as close again for over 50 years, so it’s been a great time to get photos or just view the planet. On 9/13, I was hoping to get some really good images. Slooh has a high-mag telescope that can produce some great sights, and the high clouds in my area (despite the lack of rain) was making it difficult to do a lot of viewing with my own personal telescope. In addition, my own scope wouldn’t be able to show me Jupiter in color and I don’t have the tools for personal astrophotography (CCD cameras are expensive and I’d need a bigger scope). Unfortunately, there were clouds and haze over the Canary Islands, and so the pictures, while interesting, weren’t the greatest. Regardless, I thought the blue and pink colors of Jupiter that evening were interesting, and so I snapped a few. Ordinarily, on a clear night you can get great photos, this is all atmospheric disturbance. Check my new Flikr widget to see pictures as they’re added!


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