Need to save money? Consider dropping cable.

I know, I know if you’re a big TV watcher and have trouble picking stuff up with rabbit ears, this idea is completely unappealing. I hated the thought of it too. However, it’s definitely something to consider. In the past, distance education courses often included watching required lectures on a special cable channel, and so to be a distance ed student, you had to have cable. Now it’s a little different. Programs like Adobe Connect allow lecturers to broadcast a lecture, and even hold live classes right over the Internet, making those cable channels obsolete.

It’s true, without cable there are things you miss, but I can still see most of my favorite shows with little trouble. Watching the streaming videos online is a good option for those programs available, but you may be able to get your television fix without using the computer. My apartment complex has cable on the television in the workout room, so as long as I go over there at the correct time, I can usually watch whatever I want. It’s an incentive to exercise as well, which is always a plus because I have trouble motivating myself.

Try a streaming video service as well. Do your online research, and get a free trial period if available. On demand services are abundant (I use Netflix but try whichever company you’re most interested in and seems to have the most stuff you like.) Check out your local public library’s DVD collection. According to this Consumerist article by Chris Morran from July 2010, public libraries do bigger DVD business than the major video rental businesses. Maybe that’s even your best bet. After all, as long as they’re returned on time, the public library is free. So check out your options, and consider dropping that paid TV. It could be a huge savings in the long run.


Morran, C. (2010). “More People Getting DVDs from Library than from Netflix or Redbox.” The Consumerist. Retrieved from: on 29 September, 2010.


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