Thrifty…Monday? What?

Ordinarily my posts about living thrifty come on Thursdays, but I didn’t want to wait for this one. If you live in the Columbia, SC area Groupon is now available, my first email came today! Head on over to their website to sign up for this great service. If you don’t live in Columbia, check to see if your area has Groupon services. They have some great deals that you can take advantage off. Remember, using Groupon’s services is only thrifty if you buy Groupons for services you would usually buy at the full price or for a service you were already considering trying at full price. Don’t go buying a Groupon you’ll never use no matter how good the deal is. Then it’s just a waste of money. But if it’s your favorite restaurant or that new spa you’ve been planning on trying, then go for it! No reason not to get a good deal if you’ll enjoy it. Today’s Columbia deal is already sold out, but sign up for the emails containing the daily deals so that you get notice as soon as the next is available!


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