How I ended up at Jackass 3D

My readers who aren’t broke or poor graduate students are probably wondering how I ended up at Jackass 3D. After all, it’s not the type of movie I would pick for myself. I’ll explain. When you are broke, or a poor graduate student, and someone offers to take you to the movies, you go. Well, as long as you know the person, and they aren’t going to try to hit on you (unless you want them to). So, while I was out in California, my friend wanted to go to the movies. Ordinarily, with this movie, I would have tried to negotiate, but it was also her birthday, so what can you do right?

I went.

After all, I wasn’t paying, so if I hated it, who really cared? Not me. So where’s the review? Well, it’s really not much of a review. There’s also not a ton of actual plot, so I don’t know how relevant this is, but if you don’t want it spoiled (however lame these spoilers of a plotless movie might be) stop reading. Right now. Seriously!




Have they left yet?




So, now that it’s just the folks who don’t mind the spoilers, I’ll tell you something about the movie. I never saw either the TV show or the previous films so I was pretty uninformed when I sat down in the first row of the theatre. The movie is essentially filled with puerile, adolescent humor. If you like that, I suppose it’s ok. It was gross, disgusting and I actually had to get up and leave during one scene to avoid throwing up. There were a couple of places where I laughed, but I spent a lot of the movie with my eyes closed to avoid the disgustingness of it all. The movie itself was full of vomit, urine, excrement, male genitalia, people being hit in the male genitalia, etc. If I had a choice would I see it again? No. Would this inspire me to go watch the show or the previous movies. Absolutely not. Why on earth would you want to see this in 3D? That just made it worse! Perhaps the saddest part was that at both the beginning and the end of the film, there was a disclaimer reminding people not to try these stunts at home! I don’t recommend this movie. Maybe I’ll watch Snow White, to purify my brain later.


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