Please Vote

This isn’t a political blog, and I’m not going to turn it into one. Whatever your political affiliations, please vote tomorrow. We are privileged to live in a country that allows us input into the running of our government. I know that it often seems that our votes don’t matter, but every time we vote we exercise an important privilege.

That said, I’m sure some of my readers out there still don’t know who they’re voting for. If you aren’t like some of my friends, who select their candidates by what job they had before (they only vote for people who had real jobs, you know who you are) and you want to find out about a person’s political beliefs and voting record, take a gander at Project Vote Smart. The folks at are non-partisan. They make no opinions about the various candidates, but only provide the available information. One new tool they have (and this is a change from the last time I used their service) is the new Vote Easy page. It asks you a series of questions and shows you the percentage matching your answers for each of the candidates. Check them out. I love the information they give. No matter what, get out and vote!



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2 responses to “Please Vote

  1. It is amazing how many people do not vote…

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