Farewell Del.icio.us…Or is it?

The blogosphere exploded with the news Thursday that De.licio.us was being shut down by Yahoo! following various cutbacks. Indeed, some blogs claimed to have confirmation of the plans, although later updates have changed that information.

Panic ensued. De.licio.us users sought new options for their bookmarking needs. Users were scrambling to export their bookmarks before the site was shut down. Certainly, De.licio.us is a useful service. For people with multiple computers, the ability to save bookmarks online makes accessing bookmarks simpler. De.licio.us also gives suggestions for additional websites based on user votes and the sites bookmarked by the specific user. If a group of people are working on a project they can bookmark sites useful to the project for all people in the group to use. For those users who depend on De.licio.us for all of their bookmarking, it would make sense to want a backup of your bookmarked sites, even if they continued to use De.licio.us until finding an alternative.

Then, De.licio.us announced on its blog yesterday that the leaked information was inaccurate. Yahoo! was indeed looking to divest itself of the De.licio.us website, but they are trying to sell it, and not currently planning on shutting it down.

What are users to do? Should they rejoice because De.licio.us is still remaining online or should they be cautious. the De.licio.us blog indicates that Yahoo! is trying to sell it, but what if they can’t? Will they then proceed with a shut down of the site? And what is the timeline they are working with? Will they try to sell for 6 months? A year?

I never got around to starting a De.licio.us account. I meant to, but never actually did it. Now, until we have more answers from Yahoo! regarding their sales process of the site, I won’t join. I will however, be researching some other options. Users who are still concerned due to the unanswered questions regarding the Yahoo! sale of De.licio.us, there are sites out there that can be used in it’s place, and De.licio.us has exporting options. I’ll be writing on my research of the various options here on my blog, starting with Diigo.

The bookmarking sites I plan to try and review are Diigo, Furl, Reddit and Clipmarks. Do any of my readers have any other suggestions? Leave me a comment and I’ll look into the sites that you’re interested in as well.

As for those upset De.licio.us users? I don’t think there’s a need to abandon ship just yet. Yahoo! has announced that it is maintaining and actively encouraging new users to join the site. In order for the site to be appealing to a buyer, it will need to have users, so members should continue to maintain their accounts. Though I would recommend encouraging users to backup their bookmark lists, just as they should backup any important documents housed on a computer.


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