I’m still struggling to come to terms with a specific topic for this research proposal, which is not good for me, because there are portions of this project that will be coming due soon. Nevertheless I carry on. I am now leaning more towards a project regarding the digitization of photographs, negatives and films. This coincides with another interest of mine currently, namely, how to preserve the images on all of my negatives (yes, I had a 110 camera when I was small and a 35 mm camera later before digital became widely available). Even frozen, negatives will eventually break down, and the actual photographs will fade and color change as well. While I start a personal project, looking for the most cost effective way to digitize these items, while capturing the best image possible, I could cross my personal research into this project, looking at digitization options and practices in archives with regards to film. I plan to research the literature on this in the next day or so, looking at articles, and will post again soon.


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