Working hard…

I am struggling a little with this research proposal, but I carry on. There seems to be a limited amount available on digitization of negatives as a means of preservation. I will continue to research the area, and perhaps branch out a bit. The first draft is started on my work, and I am hoping to complete it this week, so that I can get some feedback.

I am currently planning to look at what standards are available for the preservation of negatives. Is it considered best to freeze negatives for example, or are acid free containers good enough by archival standards. There seems to be some argument on the matter. Regardless, digitization is a complex issue. It is surrounded by benefits of being able to access information at a distance, but there is the ever present argument that it is too expensive, and the continuing rapid evolution of technology makes formats unstable. Additionally, there are concerns about server stability. How much backup is enough? Should it be backed up to 2 or 3 places. Certainly the more copies that exist in different places, the less likely to lose all of your data. The digital age is one that we are all having to ease into for fear of both moving too fast, and being left behind and becoming irrelevant.


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