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Final Entry

Well, it’s been a long semester, and I didn’t get as many entries in this research journal as I originally planned. But the research journal process has been interesting. It helped me gather my thoughts and know what I had to do next in the process of the research project. I can see that this tool will be useful in the development of future projects. In the mean time, I have developed a research proposal for a case study at an archive. I want to see what it would take to digitize successfully the audio/visual contents of an archive and to study how it would work. Going forward I can use the experience writing this paper when looking for grants and other funding in my professional career.


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Working hard…

I am struggling a little with this research proposal, but I carry on. There seems to be a limited amount available on digitization of negatives as a means of preservation. I will continue to research the area, and perhaps branch out a bit. The first draft is started on my work, and I am hoping to complete it this week, so that I can get some feedback.

I am currently planning to look at what standards are available for the preservation of negatives. Is it considered best to freeze negatives for example, or are acid free containers good enough by archival standards. There seems to be some argument on the matter. Regardless, digitization is a complex issue. It is surrounded by benefits of being able to access information at a distance, but there is the ever present argument that it is too expensive, and the continuing rapid evolution of technology makes formats unstable. Additionally, there are concerns about server stability. How much backup is enough? Should it be backed up to 2 or 3 places. Certainly the more copies that exist in different places, the less likely to lose all of your data. The digital age is one that we are all having to ease into for fear of both moving too fast, and being left behind and becoming irrelevant.

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Woops! Look how long it’s been.

I’ve let time get away from me with the semester, but I’m getting back on track now and updating my research blog. There will be a main post in the next day or so. But back to research for now…

My research project for 705 will consist of developing a project for a small, publicly funded archive that has recently acquired a collection of films. The collection spans a wide range of time, and many of the films in question are of the silver nitrate variety. The archive in question has not collected films in the past, but the nature of the film collection meets the new mission of the archive. As such, they do not currently have the facility to store volatile films such as silver nitrate on site. Currently the collection is being housed at another institution too far from the archive to make regular access to the collection feasible. The archivist has been tasked with researching the best option for storage (whether on-site, or at a local off-site facility) and being work on writing for grants to fund the project of moving the collection and funding the housing for the collection. Additionally, the collection was acquired with the intention of digitizing the contents, so the archivist will method that will be used to digitize the collection, by researching the current options available.

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I’m still struggling to come to terms with a specific topic for this research proposal, which is not good for me, because there are portions of this project that will be coming due soon. Nevertheless I carry on. I am now leaning more towards a project regarding the digitization of photographs, negatives and films. This coincides with another interest of mine currently, namely, how to preserve the images on all of my negatives (yes, I had a 110 camera when I was small and a 35 mm camera later before digital became widely available). Even frozen, negatives will eventually break down, and the actual photographs will fade and color change as well. While I start a personal project, looking for the most cost effective way to digitize these items, while capturing the best image possible, I could cross my personal research into this project, looking at digitization options and practices in archives with regards to film. I plan to research the literature on this in the next day or so, looking at articles, and will post again soon.

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Welcome to my new J705 research journal

Here you will find all of my research journal entries for the J705 research journal I am keeping this semester. I am currently considering a topic regarding digitization practices in archives and how those practices impact the business of archival science. I am a little concerned about my topic, because I am unsure how to gather all of the data that I want without a survey, and I’m not sure that I will have time to do a survey during the semester. I may have to narrow my topic down. I am going to start some preliminary research through journal searching and see what is available. I will post back once I have located some appropriate journal articles.

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