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Copyright? What’s that?

It’s a hard question to answer. The simple answer, is that copyright is a law that protects the rights of a creator to their work. Classes and volunteer work have recently brought home the complexities of copyright law. I’ll discuss some of the complexities below.

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The World or the Land?

There are arguments about this all the time among Disneyphiles. Which is better? Disney World or Disneyland? Just getting back from a trip to California where I spent several days at Disneyland, I can answer that question, at least to my own personal opinion. I loved going to Disneyland. It was beautiful, and there was something about the park that was different than going to the World in Florida. Maybe it was the smaller size, or maybe it was something less tangible today. Walt Disney himself designed and built Disneyland. While he worked on Disney World, he died before much of it could be built.

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